Instant Pot Launches the World’s First Bluetooth® Connected Smartcooker at CES 2014

InstantPot iPot 282x300 Instant Pot Launches the World’s First Bluetooth® Connected Smartcooker at CES 2014Instant Pot® adds to its product line a cooker equipped with a microprocessor and an array of sensors, and being wirelessly connected to cook meals intelligently. This marks the beginning of a smartcooker era.

Ottawa and Las Vegas, January 6, 2014. Ace Sensor Inc., the leader in Bluetooth® Smart connected sensors, and Double Insight Inc., the creator of the bestselling Instant Pot® electric pressure cooker, jointly announced at CES 2014 Las Vegas their patent-pending wireless smartcooker. The Bluetooth® Smart enabled cooker, code name “iPot”, is a programmable electric pressure cooker.

After the “iPot” is paired up with a companion iOS/Android app, users can control the cooker securely from their mobile device and can also view the entire cooking process in graphs.  The “iPot” has a thermal sensor, dual pressure sensors and an electro-magnetic sensor for lid position detection.  With the sensors, the “iPot” can be much more than an electric pressure cooker. The programs in the “iPot” app can make yogurt, GABA rice (germinated brown rice), Onsen Tamago (hot spring egg), sous vide and many more complex multi-step cooking processes.  The most intriguing fact is that any user can program the “iPot” with an intuitive graphic interface, without worrying about the cooker blowing up. After the program is tuned to achieve the intended result, it is saved in a recipe script and can be shared on the internet. Then anybody can reproduce the same dish in their own Instant Pot®iPot”.

InstantPot Smartcooker app 159x300 Instant Pot Launches the World’s First Bluetooth® Connected Smartcooker at CES 2014“Cookers have been evolving along a similar path of the mobile phones: basic phone, feature phone and now smartphone.” said Dr. Robert Wang, CEO of Double Insight Inc.  “We started with stove-top pots, pans and pressure cookers. Then slow cookers, rice cookers and electric pressure cookers.  We are now in the era of smartcookers which are equipped with microprocessors and an array of sensors, and are wirelessly connected to cook meals and dishes intelligently.”

“The Instant Pot®iPot” is not being connected for the novelty of being connected.  We run out of buttons on the control panel to support the requested functions by our users. Users also want to upgrade the functions after purchase. Moving the control center to a smartphone or tablet is the only way to go. “

Once the limiting factor of a control panel is removed, the “iPot” app can implement complex cooking functions, expand and upgrade those functions at will.  This offers unparalleled simplicity, a huge variety of functions and most importantly a consistent result.

“Being connected to a smartphone/tablet gives the cooker access to more sensors, such as a kitchen scale, and can have a profound impact to consistent cooking result.” said Mr. Randy Zadra, Co-Founder and VP of Business Development of Ace Sensor Inc. “The smartphone/tablet knows your location and can adjust the recipes depending whether you use it in Miami or in the mile-high city Denver. The altitude could make a difference of up to 12 minutes of cooking time.”

IP Smart control panel 235x300 Instant Pot Launches the World’s First Bluetooth® Connected Smartcooker at CES 2014The “iPot” is the result of a fruitful collaboration with Midea Group, one of the largest home appliances manufacturers in China. The “iPot” will also be manufactured by Midea. Unlike other connected appliances, the “iPot” is not a concept device.  It will be available for sale in US, Canada and UK in Q4 2014 as part of the Instant Pot® ( line of product. Two models, namely Instant Pot Smart-60 and Instant Pot Smart-50 with 6 and 5 quart capacity respectively, will be available.

Instant Pot iPot Smartcooker news release.

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